Simon Lott - Things (2008)
  • Simon Lott - Things (2008)
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Simon Lott's second sound offering. Features original music and tons of fun post-production!!! An epic ride :)


recorded 2002; edited sporadically between 2003-2008

Rex Richardson (trumpet) Joseph Elario Motter (trumpet) Brian McWhorter (vocals, trumpet, samples, remix) David Polk (alto sax, guitar, synths, digital manipulation/mangling, faux flute, glass percussion, resonators, "choir") Jason Moore (tenor saxophone) Brad Walker (tenor saxophone, clarinet) Justin Peake (laptop, mixing) Adrian Strickland (piano, Fender Rhodes, keyboard) Patrick Cronin (piano, organ, Fender Rhodes, keyboard, snare drum, vocals) Robert Nash (acoustic & electric bass, guitar, efx, vocals) Tommy Sciple (acoustic bass) Micah D Blouin (percussion, marimba, mbira, animal calls, snare drum, vocals, bird honing, etc) Tim Stambaugh (nightmare radio, mixing, studio engineer) Simon Lott (drums, piano, tuba, alphorn, vocals, water, percussion, production, mixing) Elizabeth Lott (artwork, CD design) John Paul Fischbach (mastering) [he worked with Stevie Wonder on Songs in the Key of Life]

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